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The Sun By The Sea.

Who We Are
Facts About the SUN by-the-sea

• Our masthead on the front page is the original lithograph used from 1900-1915 on the Five-Mile Beach Sun here in the Wildwoods.
• We began the magazine at a time when the Wildwoods began a major transition in 2004.
• Wildwood’s only publication had moved off the island, but aside from that, there was still no really local Wildwood paper that featured homegrown stories and photos of the people, along with it’s history until April 1st, 2004 when The first issue of The Sun hit the streets.
• We’re a family run operation, we are Wildwood locals.
• It is acknowledged by locals and visitors alike to be the best read paper around.
We receive phonecalls, letters and emails regularly letting us know that.
(People don’t just say they love our paper, they say we LO-O-O-O-Ove! your paper!)
• We want our advertisers to know that many of these people  say how much they even love to take their time to read through the ads because they are so different and artistic.
• Our readers comment on how they will save their papers for guests, mail them to friends and relatives, leave it out on their coffee table until the next issue comes out, etc.
• It’s a people paper about the people of the Wildwoods!

Our goals for our advertisers:
• To help small business owners on our island and surrounding area reach out to their customers in a most cost-effective way since many business owners here do not have large advertising budgets.  One overpriced newspaper can deplete a small business owners’ entire budget.
• We strategically publish 5 issues a year and they are evenly distributed throughout an 8 week period, allowing the advertiser to get more bang for their buck!
• Our distribution is unique in that we distribute the bulk in the Wildwoods, but they also go to all surrounding locations. The Wildwood hotspots are replenished every week until the next issue comes out. We help to stretch advertising dollars.

Our goals for our readers:
• Inform them of local events, as well as to make them aware of the local businesses.
• We have such a variety of writers, which makes for a most enjoyable read, whether on your porch or on the beach!
• We take 100’s of photos of people doing everyday things that other papers don’t capture. People always call us up and ask if we charge to submit pictures. We say. “that’s what makes the Sun so much fun!” Send in your old bathing beauties! Military pictures of your family members! New babies! And we’ll publish them!
• The Wildwoods are our passion and we like to feature the history and old photos from the days gone by. Many readers comment on how much they love these old stories and how they always learn a history lesson when they read the SUN.

We hope you are enjoying The SUN by-the-sea as much as we are enjoying putting it together for you!


Our Mast is a re-creation of The Five Mile Beach SUN circa 1900. What’s old is new again!  

“Newspapers develop pride in a community and perpetuate the story of individuals and events. Local history is important, it is the foundation stone to all history.”
— From an article titled “Five-Mile Beach Newspapers” by George Boyer

This is our purpose at the SUN by-the-sea: to bring the community closer together by sharing stories and pictures of the people who live here and work here and by sharing its history. When we were just beginning to think of starting a newspaper here we knew we wanted to capture the essence of the Wildwoods with that small hometown feeling. Thus, The SUN by-the-sea was created.

However, we didn’t do our research until after coming up with a name and were amazed to discover from the Boyer Museum’s archives that there really was a SUN newspaper in Wildwood.

Our masthead on the front page is the original lithograph used from (approximately) 1900-1915. It had the words “Anglesea” and “Holly Beach” on it, which we removed, leaving only “Wildwood by-the-sea” and “Five Mile Beach.”

The original SUN was operated out of the rear of the Seacrest Hotel, which stood on the corner of Oak & Pacific Aves. where Papa Johns is today.

We also think that by using the bright yellow (which is our signature color) behind the lithograph, it will stand out and be easily distinguishable as the SUN by-the-sea amongst the many other publications which are distributed on our island.

We hope you’re enjoying your nifty new newspaper and we hope that you will feel free to send us photos, stories or any bit of history you would like to share with the community. It’s a people paper about the people of the Wildwoods!